Flatbush-Nostrand BID approved

BID will encompass 149 properties and address sanitation and security needs. The Planning Commission unanimously approved an application by the Flatbush-Nostrand Junction District Management Association and the Department of Small Business Services to create a Flatbush-Nostrand Junction Business Improvement District. The proposed BID will allow an annual assessment on businesses and residents for improved sanitation and security and will encompass 149 properties containing 235 businesses. The BID area is roughly bounded by Flatbush Avenue, Glenwood Avenue, Hillel Place and portions of Glenwood Road.

The BID would focus on remediation of sanitation, graffiti and security issues by employing a six-day weekly sanitation crew and added security to supplement the NYPD. Of the $200,000 first-year budget, $50,000 will be allocated to sanitation, $64,500 to security and $57,500 to administration. The budget will come from an assessment on commercial properties of $21 per-linear-front-foot and $.005 per dollar of assessed valuation. Residents and vacant property owners will pay an annual $1 assessment. Government and notfor- profits, including Brooklyn College, would be exempt.

At the October 19, 2005 Commission hearing, Council Member Kendall Stewart, who spoke in favor, stated that $4.5 million had been allocated to an area street-scape improvement project under his efforts. One resident, speaking in favor, explained that the area had faced continuous graffiti and sanitation problems that the BID could ameliorate. No one spoke in opposition. The Commission unanimously approved the BID as submitted.

BID Approval Process: The Department of Small Business Services, as lead agency, issued a negative declaration. Community Board 14 unanimously approved. Mandatory public hearings before the City Council Finance Committee and the mayor are pending.

CPC: Flatbush-Nostrand Junction BID (N 060107 BDK) (November 16, 2005). CITYADMIN

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