EDC issues RFEI for St. George waterfront sites

Two sites on Staten Island’s North Shore are currently used as parking lots for ferry terminal and baseball stadium. On August 11, 2011, the City’s Economic Development Corporation issued a request for expressions of interest for the disposition and redevelopment of two waterfront parcels totaling more than fourteen acres near the St. George Ferry Terminals in St. George, Staten Island. A 7.4-acre parcel (the North Site) abuts the Richmond County Bank Ballpark to the north, and a 6.7-acre parcel (the South Site) borders the ballpark to the south. The two parcels are zoned M1-1 and were formerly part of a rail yard. The parcels are used as parking lots for the ferry terminal and ballpark.

St. George is a densely populated neighborhood and serves as Staten Island’s administrative center and transit hub. In 2008, the City approved the creation of the St. George Special District to encourage reinvestment in the area and establish a pedestrian-oriented civic center. 5 CityLand 153 (Nov. 15, 2008). Current and planned investments include the City’s $175 million rehabilitation of the ferry terminal’s ramps, and the MTA’s potential reactivation of the former North Shore rail line right of way. 

EDC is seeking developers interested in acquiring one or both of the waterfront parcels through purchase or ground lease. Proposals for the North and South Sites should, among other things, increase commercial activity in the neighborhood, provide quality jobs for residents, complement the ballpark and ferry terminal, increase waterfront access, and allow for the reuse of the North Shore rail line right of way. All proposals must include plans to replace existing parking with on-site public parking spaces.

Responses must be submitted to EDC by November 10, 2011.

EDC: Request for Expressions of Interest – St. George Waterfront (Aug. 11, 2011).

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