DUMBO Historic District Commemorates New District Marker

DUMBO Historic District marker unveiling group shot. From left to right, Doreen Gallo, president of the DUMBO Neighborhood Alliance; LPC Executive Director Sarah Carroll; Christina Davis, Co-Chair New York Landmarks Preservation Foundation; Basil Walter, Co-Chair of the New York Landmarks Preservation Foundation; and Council Member Stephen Levin. Image credit: LPC.

Marker celebrates importance of manufacturing history of the district. On August 24, 2018, the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the New York Landmarks Preservation Foundation, and the DUMBO Neighborhood Alliance, announced a historic district marker to promote and commemorate the 2007 designation of the DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) Historic District. The marker is located mid-block on Jay Street, between Water and Plymouth Streets, highlighting the boundaries of the district and its historic importance. To read CityLand’s prior coverage on the DUMBO Historic District, click here and here.

“The DUMBO Historic District was designated to recognize its rich history and unique industrial streetscapes,” said Landmarks Preservation Commission Executive Director Sarah Carroll, noting the neighborhood’s industrial character. “With this marker, New Yorkers and visitors alike can learn more about DUMBO’s architectural and historic significance.”

The new terra cotta-colored sign is one of three to be installed throughout the district. The marker includes a map of the district and a brief historic synopsis of the area, which was home to manufacturing businesses, such as paint, sugar, coffee, packaged groceries, paper boxes, and shoes during the 19th and 20th centuries.

DUMBO Historic District marker. Image credit: LPC.

“One of the wonderful things of living in New York City is being surrounded by history and engaging with it on a personal level,” said Council Member Stephen Levin. “The DUMBO community continuously works to preserve the historical legacy of this neighborhood for generations to come, and this marker will go a long way to support that effort. I, like many others in the community, have been eagerly anticipating this moment and I’m proud to be here to celebrate this special occasion.”

“DUMBO is inspired by the installation today of our first historic district marker.  We extend our gratitude to the Landmarks Preservation Commission as well as the New York Landmarks Preservation Foundation for this crucial recognition of our historic district designation in 2007,” said Doreen Gallo, president of the DUMBO Neighborhood Alliance. “As our neighborhood continues to expand and evolve, it remains paramount that we continue to educate the public as to the growing need for historic preservation.”

“The name Forman is closely intertwined with Brooklyn’s, especially DUMBO’s commercial and industrial history, and I am proud to see that history recognized with these important new district markers,” said Peter Forman, local property owner. “Jay Street was home to Ben Forman & Sons, Inc. for generations, and we still have a presence in the neighborhood. It has been an incredible experience watching the changing nature of DUMBO over these past 50 years, and we are pleased to support DUMBO’s future for next generations.”


By: Samantha Albanese (Samantha is the CityLaw intern and New York Law School Student, Class of 2019.)


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