Duggin-designed villa to have designation hearing

Landmarks takes first step in designation of former Staten Island home of prominent engraver. On November 15, 2005, Landmarks initiated the designation process for 1 Pendleton Place, an 1860 Stick Style villa built by Charles Duggin for William S. Pendleton. Pendleton was a distinguished American engraver in the 19th Century, and cofounded the first known lithographic shop in Boston. He was prominent in Staten Island civic life, founding at least two churches and serving as president of the North Shore Ferry Company.

Another house built for Pendleton on Staten Island, 22 Pendleton Place, also designed by Duggin, has already been designated a landmark. 1 Pendleton Place is considered Duggin’s other most well-known building. The building is part of a complex owned by the Pendleton family and is located on a hillside overlooking the neighborhood of New Brighton, with views of New York and New Jersey. At the hearing, Landmarks Chairperson Robert B. Tierney urged that a designation hearing be put on the calendar as soon as possible, and was unanimously supported by the commissioners present.

LPC: Item No. 1, 1 Pendleton Place (LP- 2188) (November 15, 2005).

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