Developer withdraws on eve of Council vote

Tower to have been built adjacent to Brooklyn Bridge withdrawn within hours of Council’s vote. With only one day remaining in the Council’s 50-day review deadline, Two Trees Management Co., the developer of a proposed 178-foot residential tower adjacent to the Brooklyn Bridge side span, withdrew its application on October 13, 2004, the same day Council scheduled its vote.

The project was proposed for DUMBO along Water, Dock, and Front Streets, with a part of the site located directly beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. The Planning Commission had approved the 178-foot tower with 200 residential units, 327 parking spaces, retail and community facilities space on August 25, 2004, only after the developer reduced the building’s height closest to the Brooklyn Bridge from 170 ft. to 88 ft., matching the Brooklyn Bridge roadway. Furthest from the Bridge, the building’s height remained 178 ft.

The City Council’s Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises held a public hearing on September 21, 2004, but Chair Tony Avella delayed the vote until October 5, 2004, declaring that the development necessitated significant changes before approval by Subcommittee. On October 5th, the vote was again postponed until the morning of the 13th, leaving only hours before the full Council vote in the afternoon. At the morning hearing, Chair Avella announced the developer’s withdrawal, proclaiming it as a “huge victory for the community.” Under the Charter, had the City Council not voted by October 1 4, 2004, it would have missed ULURP’s 50-day deadline and the application would be deemed approved. With the withdrawal prior to the vote, the City must now refund a portion of Two Trees’ filing fees.

As part of the original application, Two Trees had also applied for a special permit authorizing the residential conversion of 85 Water Street, a building within a state and national historic district. 1Wo Trees did not withdraw this application and the Council approved it on October 13, 2004.

For the Planning Commission’s consideration and ULURP process, see 1 CityLand 7 (October 1 5, 2004).

Council Res. Nos 633-36 (October 13, 2004); CPG Cal. No. 12 – 15, C 010645 ZMK (map amendment) , C 010646 ZSK (special permit for height, court, yard and setback);ยท C 010647 ZSK (special permit for parking); C 030492 ZSK (special permit for 85 Water Street) (August 25, 2004) (Water St.: Irving Gotbaum, Esq., Friedman & Gotbaum LLP, for Two Trees; John Beyer, Laura Cheng, Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners, LLP). CITYADMIN

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