DDC Announces Completion of Sewer, Water Mains and Street Repairs Project in Bayside, Auburndale and Flushing

The new 72-inch water main installed at the intersection of 33rd Avenue and 158th Street. Image Credit: DDC.

On February 28, 2023, the New York City Department of Design and Construction, the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Transportation announced the completion of an infrastructure project to rebuild streets and improve water service and drainage across Bayside, Auburndale, and Flushing, Queens.

The project stretched for 3.5 miles from 156th Street to 216th Street along 33rd Avenue, Utopia Parkway, 37th Avenue, 38th Avenue, and 20th Street. Over five miles of distribution water mains were replaced and two miles of new larger trunk water mains were added. Eighty-nine old fire hydrants were replaced and another 17 were installed. Almost two miles of storm, sanitary and combined sewers were replaced, and 23 new catch basins were installed to improve storm water drainage. 

To repair the streets, 19,210 feet of new curbs were added, and 8,200 feet of old curb were replaced. The project required the replacement of 432,000 square feet of asphalt and 82,800 square feet of concrete sidewalks. ADA pedestrian ramps and crosswalks were rebuilt throughout the project area. 

The project started in 2017. The project was designed by an in-house team at the Department of Design and Construction, which managed the project. C.A.C. Industries, Inc. performed the construction work, and Entech Mirabal Engineers, PLLC provided engineering services. The project cost $79.7 million, and was funded largely by capital dollars from the Departments of Transportation and Environmental Protection. 

Design and Construction Commissioner Thomas Foley stated, “This project, which was designed and executed by DDC’s professional Infrastructure team, extends across a large part of the borough and has improved water service reliability and street conditions for tens of thousands of Queens residents. Along with our partners at DEP and DOT, we are investing billions of dollars in long-term improvements to Queens infrastructure.”

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. stated, “This newly completed project is an important investment in our borough’s future that will improve the quality-of-life of so many of our residents. The project underscores the City’s strong commitment to improving street safety, increasing the reliability of tap water delivery, and reducing street flooding in Bayside, Auburndale and Flushing. I commend the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Design and Construction, and the Department of Transportation for working together so effectively to address many of our significant infrastructure needs here in Queens.”

By: Veronica Rose (Veronica is the CityLaw fellow and a New York Law School graduate, Class of 2018.)



One thought on “DDC Announces Completion of Sewer, Water Mains and Street Repairs Project in Bayside, Auburndale and Flushing

  1. Its hard to imagine the thinking by the Climate Change advocate Boro President Richards. This has been a disaster of infrastructure project for Queens residents since its inception. While the goal was sewer and water improvements, this is Bayside and Auburndale significantly populated by vital large mature NYC street trees. These trees themselves a vital element in stormwater control by interception and bioretention. But that did not matter. Absent was NYC Parks Queens Forestry to deliver BMP tree management with oversight to ensure effective tree preservation and protection. Therein the DDC contractor CAC shamefully was allowed to have his way with these public trees where dozens perhaps hundreds of street trees were abused and harmed with no intent for remediation. Now with the players gone, the decline and diminishment of tree health is in progress and with uncertain risks to the public.

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