Day spa, opened in 2001, legalized

Ten-year permit granted to Eden Day Spa. BSA approved the application of Eden Day Spa to legalize its existing spa at 388 Broadway between White and Walker Streets in Tribeca. The spa, a “physical cultural establishment” under the zoning code, required a special permit to be located within a manufacturing zone.

At the legalization hearing, Eden Day Spa, which has been at this location since 2001, did not face opposition. BSA approved a tenyear permit, but prohibited any transfer in ownership by Eden without its prior approval.

BSA: 388 Broadway (214-03-BZ) (December 14, 2004) (The Agusta Group, for 388 Broadway Owners LLC, owners, and Sunny Cheuck, Eden Day Spa). CITYADMIN

CITYLAND Comment: It has become a more common practice for day spas to open and operate without a permit and thereafter seek to legalize the use. This approach is taken to limit the difficulty in proving that the particular business will be a legitimate spa, and to avoid a large delay in approval while the spa is paying to lease or hold the retail space.

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