Cell phone tower approved

85-foot cell phone tower disguised as flagpole. The owner of 186-05 120th Road in the R4 zoned district of Jamaica, Queens sought a special permit to construct an 85-foot wireless communications radio tower with 12 small panel antennae. The owner stated that the tower would be minimally visible over the roof line of surrounding houses, further concealed by trees, and that the mechanical equipment and wiring would be located underground and in the basement of an existing building on the site. The applicant argued that the 85-foot height was the minimum needed for cell phone coverage. In response to community concerns, the tower was relocated toward the rear of the property and redesigned to resemble a flag pole.

BSA granted the application, finding that the tower would not interfere with the privacy, quiet, light and air of the neighborhood. BSA, however, restricted maintenance hours for the tower, required additional slots for other cell phone companies, and required that the flag be replaced once a year, maintained, and lit at night.

BSA: 186-05 120th Road (16-04-BZ) (January 11, 2005) (Snyder & Snyder, LLP). CITYADMIN

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