Council down-zones 68 blocks in Queens

Springfield Gardens residents petitioned City to initiate down-zoning. On April 12, 2005, the City Council down-zoned 68 blocks of Springfield Gardens, Queens, completing a three-year process initiated by a local community group, the United Neighbors Civic Association.

Concerned about the proliferation of multi-family apartment buildings replacing small, single-family homes, members of United Neighbors canvassed Springfield Gardens with a petition requesting that the City down-zone the neighborhood to hinder future demolition. Acting on the request, the Planning Department found that although the area’s zoning permitted large-scale, multifamily units with a 35-foot height limit, 97 percent of Springfield Gardens contained one and two-family homes, which created an incentive to demolish existing homes.

The Planning Department proposed to rezone 68 blocks, bounded by Baisley Boulevard to the northwest, Guy M. Brewer Boulevard to the northeast and North Conduit Avenue to the south. The new zoning (R3X and R3-1) would restrict density to one and two-family homes and increase lot width and size requirements.

On April 5, 2005, the Land Use Committee voted unanimously to approve. The full Council approved by a vote of 50 to 0 with Council Member Larry B. Seabrook excused from the vote.

ULURP Process: The Planning Commission, as lead agency, issued a negative declaration on December 6, 2004. Queens Community Board 12 and Borough President Helen Marshall approved.

Following a public hearing on February 16, 2005, the Commission approved on March 2, 2005, finding that the down-zoning would maintain Springfield Gardens’ scale without obstructing future residential development opportunities.

Council: Springfield Gardens Rezoning (April 12, 2005); CPC: Springfield Gardens Rezoning (C 050194 ZMQ – map amendment) (March 2, 2005). CITYADMIN

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