Commission modifies 125th Street rezoning plan

Building heights and densities reduced along Harlem’s primary thoroughfare. In an effort to preserve the scale and character of Harlem’s 125th Street, the City Planning Commission approved a text amendment on October 7, 2008 that lowers building heights and reduces densities for residential, commercial, and community facility uses. The affected area is located on the north side of West 125th Street between Frederick Douglass Boulevard and a point 545 ft. east of Lenox Avenue/Malcolm X Boulevard in Manhattan.

The amendment stems from an agreement that Council Member Inez Dickens negotiated with the City prior to the Council’s approval of the 125th Street rezoning plan. 5 CityLand 53 (May 15, 2008). If the amendment is approved by the Council, maximum building heights in the C4-7 district will be reduced from 290ft. to 195ft., base commercial density will be 7.2 FAR bonusable to 8.65 FAR, base residential density will be 5.4 FAR bonusable to 7.2 FAR, and community facility use will be 7.2 FAR, reduced from 10.0 FAR. Currently, base commercial use density is 10.0 FAR bonusable up to 12.0 FAR, and residential use density is 9.0 FAR bonusable up to 12.0 FAR. The amendment reflects the community’s preference for commercial use over residential use, and its desire to discourage new luxury housing development.

CPC: 125th Street Follow-up Zoning Text (N 090031 ZRM– text amend.) (Oct. 7, 2008).

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