West 49th St. development approved

Residential development approved for former manufacturing district. On March 10, 2008, the Planning Commission approved Real Estate Industrials’ proposal to build two, seven-story residential buildings and a public parking garage adjacent to an as-of-right residential building and an existing four-story Red Cross headquarters on West 49th Street, between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues. The as-of-right building would have 41 dwelling units, while the two additional buildings would have 124 units total. The developer would demolish four single-story garage buildings and a surface parking lot to facilitate the development.

A portion of the site is currently zoned for manufacturing and does not allow for residential use. Under the proposal, the site would be rezoned from M1-5 to R8 with a C2-5 commercial overlay, allowing residential, commercial and community facility buildings as well as public parking. The site would comply with the Special Clinton District Preservation Area’s 4.2 FAR and 66-foot height maximums. A special permit would facilitate the development of an attended, 88-space public parking garage located in the shared cellar of the residential buildings. 31 of these parking spaces would be accessory spaces for the tenants of the residential buildings.

Manhattan Community Board 4 recommended disapproval of the proposal subject to REI eliminating the commercial overlay, limiting the parking to accessory spaces only, and permanently reserving any affordable dwelling units to low-income households. The Manhattan Borough President recommended approval of the proposal on condition that REI remove the proposed commercial overlay.

The Commission approved REI’s proposal, finding that the commercial overlay would allow the Red Cross facility to stay at the site, that the rezoning would encourage residential development reflecting the Clinton neighborhood’s character, and that the parking garage will not create serious traffic congestion in the area.

The proposal is now before the City Council for its review.

CPC: REI/Red Cross (N070539ZRM – text amend., C070289ZMM – map amend., C070290ZSM – spec. perm.) (Mar. 10, 2008). CITYADMIN


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