Variance approved for Mill Basin synagogue

Community opponents raised issues of parking and building height. Sephardic Center of Mill Basin proposed to construct a new 1 0,800 square-foot, two-story synagogue to replace its 20-year old, 6,800-squarefoot synagogue on the corner of Strickland and Mill Avenues in Mill Basin, Brooklyn. As proposed, the new synagogue would exceed the permitted floor area by 5,384 sq.ft., exceed the district’s permitted height by seven feet and fail to provide sufficient parking.

The Center claimed that the height limitation created a hardship since the synagogue needed a double- height worship area that would allow the men o n the lower level and the women on the upper level to view the rabbi from segregated praying areas, The Center also claimed that it needed additional space for segregated immersion pools, separate dairy and meat kitchens, private offices and a large events space.

BSA requested that the Center consider lowering the cellar floor to reduce the building’s height while still preserving the needed segregated praying areas. In response, the Center argued that the water table would not accommodate a lower cellar.

Community Board 18 and several local residents opposed, citing parking concerns during large events. The Center submitted data to show that 78% of congregants regularly walk to services.

BSA approved the new facility on condition that the Center not use its sanctuary spaces and multipurpose room simultaneously, which would bring the total occupancy to over 1,140 people.

BSA: 6208-6216 Strickland Avenue (326- 04-BZ) (October 1 8, 2005) (Fredrick A. Becker, for Center) . CITYADMIN

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