Thank You, Thank You to All of Our Contributors

A Big Thank You to Everyone Who Helped Support

The Center for New York City Law

During 2021

It is with deepest gratitude that New York Law School and the Center for New York City Law thank all of you who have supported us through this on-line Covid year. Your financial support helped make possible the Center’s CityLaw Breakfasts series, as well as our publications CityLaw and CityLand, our on-line research library CityAdmin, and our Continuing Legal Education programs. We are grateful beyond measure for your financial support. Thank you.

The Marc Haas Foundation

Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

Steven Aresty Foundation

Charina Endowment Fund

Francis Greenburger

The Jewish Communal Fund


Angela Albertus

Penelope E. Andrews

Larian Angelo

Lauren R. Angelo ’08


Ken Auletta

Andrew Bateh

Jennifer Benepe

Andrea Berger

Darren S. Bloch ’04

Chuck Brass

Jeffrey Braun

Molly Brennan

Robert M. Brill, Esq.

Ray Bromley

Michael Burten

Albert K. Butzel

Alfred C Cerullo III

Diana Chapin

Kendall Christiansen

Steve M. Cohen ’13

David Condliffe

Jane R. Crotty

Elissa Cushman

Clinton N. Daggan, ’09

John L. Damon

Mark Diller

Linh Do

Deneen Donnley

Judith Fields Jurney ’79

Antonio Figueroa

Jeffrey Friedlander

Bethany Friedman

Noah Genel

Jennifer Gilroy Ruiz

Ramon Gilsanz

Mark Ginsberg

Steven Glassman

Jason Goldberg

Emily Goldman

Y. Gail Goode

Lorna Goodman

Adam P. Gordon ’11

Paul Gottsegen

Christabel Gough

Bryan Grimaldi

Robert Guitelman

Myrna Hall

David Hammer

Janet Handal

Wayne Hawley

Marjorie Henning

Samuel Hornick

Lawrence S. Huntington ’64

Petal M. Hwang ’13

Hon. Debra James

Lawrence Kahn

Brian Kaszuba ’04 and Molly Kaszuba

Roman Katz ’11

Jessica H. Kavoulakis ’01

Seth Kaye

Paul J. Korngold

James A. Krauskopf

Edward LaGrassa

Peter Lampen

Robin Lampert

Fay Leoussis

Leslie N. Leutwiler ’16

Lele Levay

Brenda Levin

Steven B. Levine

Lynette Lewis

Jack T. Linn

Brian E. Logan

Ronnie Lowenstein

Evelyn I. Mason ’86

Sharon McCarthy

Mary McCorry

Mark McIntyre

Carol Meenan

Hilary Meltzer

Dorothy Meyer

Frances Milberg

Joanna Mintzer-Ferrell and Donald Ferrell

Robert Moore

Alison Morpurgo

Thomas Thaddeus Newell

Glenn Newman

Dr. Lisette Nieves

James R. O’Neill

Michael D. Patrick

Hannah Pennington

Robert Plautz

Steven M. Polan

Christopher Pondish and Susan Pondish

Grace Powers

Dale and Craig Raisig

Ian Rasmussen

Michael Rebell

Lucius Riccio

Ronald E. Richter

Kurt W. Rieke ’91

David Rohde

Eric Rundbaken

Pasqualino Russo

Hon. Joan R. Salzman

Prof. Ross Sandler and Mrs. Alice Sandler

Lee and Diane Sandler

Jenny Sandler

Josie Sandler

Larry Sapadin

Gary D. Schuller ’78

Katie Schwab

Keith Schwam

Bart Schwartz

Gerald Scupp

Brendan Sexton

Robert Shansky

Frank Sinatra

Asha S. Smith ’07

Steven Smollens

Gerard Soffian

Polly Spain

Susan Stamler

Roschel Holland H. Stearns

Paul and Chandler Tagliabue

Andrew Tagliabue

John R. Tatulli ’04

Patricia-Anne Taylor Carsel ’87

Sheila Tendy

Erika Thomas

Philip Tugendrajch

Johnny T. Vasser Jr. ’11

Louis Venech

Roxanne Warren

Leonard Wasserman

Roberta Weisbrod

Carl Weisbrod

Joanna Weiss

Demia Wilburn

Anthony Wood

John Wotowicz

Barak Wrobel

Joni Yoswein

Derek Zimmerman ’03

The year 2022 marks the 28th year of operation of the Center for New York City Law at New York Law School. The longevity could not have been achieved without the loyal and generous support of so many friends of the Center for New York City Law, many of whose names are listed on the opposite page. We are proud that so many of you contributed and supported the Center for New York City Law and are grateful to each and every one of you.

The Center for New York City Law started in 1994 with the idea that New York City’s government was an important topic for New York Law School and its students. That idea was enthusiastically embraced by the faculty and especially by the then dean, Harry Wellington. Harry loved New York City, welcomed the Center, and supported all of its early initiatives. Our current dean Anthony Crowell has continued that enthusiastic support.

One of Harry Wellington’s conditions in agreeing to the creation of the Center for New York City Law was that the Center had to find significant financial support for its activities..

From the very start foundations and individuals have contributed to support CityLaw, CityLand, the CityLaw Breakfasts, and CityAdmin. We are so grateful for this support. This support has made it possible to reach records we could not have imaged: CityLaw is in its 28th year, CityLand in its 20th year and CityAdmin in its 25th year. We have held 174 CityLaw Breakfasts!

Challenges are many. During last year the Center for New York City Law sustained the CityLaw Breakfasts and our CLE programs by moving the programs to Zoom. But we regret the loss of personal contact. CityAdmin is used by hundreds of researchers each week, but it is becoming costly to maintain. We rely on the internet for CityLand, but still print CityLaw. We stick with printing CityLaw despite its additional cost and effort because people like hard copy and so many of you support the print edition.

The Center for New York City Law will meet the challenges because we have such loyal and generous supporters like you. We thank each and every one of you. Thank you.

Ross Sandler



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