GUEST COMMENTARY: The City of Yes – NYC is Taking Leadership on Energy Storage System Siting


by Caroline G. Harris, Esq. Goldman Harris LLC and Eric Vath, Esq. Goldman Harris LLC

To meet the climate goals of the 2016 Paris Agreement, New York State and New York City have adopted aggressive energy efficiency goals.  The Mayor’s 2022 City of Yes program announced numerous initiatives to make the city sustainable, resilient and equitable.  One of them, the City of Yes: Carbon Neutrality, aims to reduce our reliance on carbon-based fuels by … <Read More>

City Receives Support from New York League of Conservation Voters for City of Yes Carbon Neutrality Proposal Ahead of Public Info Sessions

On March 8, 2023, the New York League of Conservation Voters and NYLCV Education Fund released the 2023 New York City Policy Agenda, which cited support for Mayor Eric Adams’ City of Yes for Carbon Neutrality zoning text amendment. The New York League of Conservation Voters is a statewide environmental organization that advocates for clean water and air, renewable energy and open spaces. 

City Planning Commission Discusses Zoning for Carbon Neutrality Amendment Ahead of Public Review Process

Commissioners raised early questions about implementation and funding issues. On January 30, 2023, the City Planning Commission held a review session and overview discussion for the proposed Zoning for Carbon Neutrality amendment, one of the three City of Yes amendments proposed by Mayor Eric Adams last year. The Zoning for Carbon Neutrality amendment aims to reduce or eliminate unnecessary restrictions within the zoning text that inhibit a developer or building owner from using sustainable technology <Read More>