Planning a Sustainable NYC: Howard Slatkin, Director of Sustainability, NYC Department of City Planning

Howard Slatkin, the director of sustainability for the New York City Department of City Planning, was a frequent visitor to NYC while growing up in New Jersey, but it was not until he moved to the City after studying history at Brown University, that he became interested in architecture and the social life of places. He earned a master’s degree in urban planning at Columbia University in 2000. At that time the concept of sustainability, … <Read More>

Mundane Items Make Zone Green Text Amendment Important

The City Council has approved Zone Green. This comprehensive zoning text amendment will enable energy efficient cutting-edge design and construction of both new and existing buildings.

During public debate of the proposal, wind turbines, green houses, and solar panels received much attention. These elements are emblematic of the green building movement; however, it is the more mundane aspects that will have the most far reaching impact on reducing our carbon footprint.

New York City’s … <Read More>

Text revisions offered to encourage energy efficiency

Proposal, dubbed the “Zone Green” initiative, would streamline implementation of energy-efficient retrofits for existing buildings and the construction of new green buildings. On February 29, 2012, the City Planning Commission heard testimony on the Department of City Planning’s “Zone Green” zoning text amendment. Planning is seeking to remove regulations that impede property owners from installing energy-saving retrofits in existing buildings and that discourage the development of new energy-efficient buildings. The proposal would broadly exempt from … <Read More>