New York is Sticking to its Guns by Prohibiting Firearms in Times Square

Times Square’s “gun-free” status remains a contentious issue in the face of legal challenges, but the City is determined to forge ahead. Earlier this summer, the United States Supreme Court struck down New York’s concealed carry permitting requirements, which has resulted in an ongoing legal battle as the city and state try to find a balance between constitutional rights and public safety.

The Nunez Federal Court Decree; Keep the Focus on Curing Violations

This issue of CityLaw contains an assessment of the 2015 Nunez consent decree aimed at curing excessive use of force at the City prisons. The City deserves credit for developing appropriate plans, rather than defending indefensible conditions in the jails. Yet the method adopted by the City – consenting to supervision by judges, outside experts and attorneys – harbors dangers: rigidity and loss of managerial flexibility that can interfere with achievement of the decree’s salutary … <Read More>