Commission hears Columbia’s and CB 9’s plans

Columbia University proposes northward expansion; CB 9 seeks industrial jobs and affordable housing. On October 3, 2007, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on Columbia University’s and Manhattan Community Board 9’s competing plans for the future of West Harlem.

Under Columbia’s plan, the City would rezone 35 acres of Manhattanville, a section of West Harlem currently zoned primarily for manufacturing, and create a Special Manhattanville Mixed-Use District stretching from West 125th to West 135th … <Read More>

Columbia U. and CB 9 offer competing West Side plans

Columbia University proposes extensive re-development; Community Board 9 seeks to protect existing uses. On June 18, 2007, the Planning Commission launched public consideration of two competing future development plans for Manhattanville. The competing plans are sponsored by Columbia University and Manhattan Community Board 9.

Columbia University’s plan calls for rezoning of a 35-acre area with roughly 17 acres proposed for private development by Columbia. The area, roughly bounded by Broadway, Old Broadway, and the Hudson … <Read More>