Appellate Court Upholds BSA Decision on Illegal Penthouse

Board was not acting arbitrarily by requiring LPC approval of construction permit for addition to a historic district building.  On February 12, 2013, the Board of Standards and Appeals found they could not reinstate a Department of Buildings construction permit for Petitioner, 339 West 29th Street LLC without prior approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission.  The Board found the permit was revoked in July 2009, and in October 2009 the area containing the work … <Read More>

New Filings and Decisions Charts for June 2012 Uploaded

Every month CityLand publishes a comprehensive set of charts to track applications to, and decisions from, New York City’s land use agencies. Agencies covered include: Department of City Planning, City Planning Commission, City Council, Board of Standards & Appeals, and Landmarks Preservation Commission.

CityLand tracks these applications through the review process to a final decision. The majority of these decisions are available on the Center for New York City Law’s CityAdmin database (found at<Read More>