Court orders advance condemnation payment

Over one year after City took title of Staten Island property,owner had not received advance payment. As part of the 1989 stormwater management plan developed for Staten Island, the City began acquiring property consisting of stream corridors and wetlands collectively known as the Bluebelt. One property, owned by Ramfis Realty, was part of the eminent domain acquisition approved by the City Council in 2005. Although title had passed to the City in 2008, Ramfis had … <Read More>

Court affirms approval of Brooklyn Sanitation garage

Property owners and neighboring residential buildings sued to stop Sanitation garage. The Second Department affirmed the lower court decision of Justice Abraham Gerges dismissing claims brought by property owners, nearby businesses and residents objecting to the condemnation of land in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn for construction of a Sanitation truck garage. 1 CityLand 48 (Dec. 2004).

The court found the parties’ claims untimely since their challenges to the condemnation were entirely based on the land use … <Read More>