Summons For Defacing Fence Upheld

Individual pasted poster on construction fence. On July 2, 2017, William Acevedo was observed dipping his brush in glue and pasting a poster bill onto a wooden barrier at a construction site located at 261 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan. Acevedo did not have permission or authority from the property owner to paste the poster bill. An NYPD officer charged Acevedo with making graffiti and possession of graffiti instruments. 

5Pointz: The Anti-Rebellion Message of the Graffiti Dispute

Graffiti has become much more than spray-painted tags and quickly disappearing pieces on train cars and underpasses. In some quarters it is now high art. Highly prized are works by Shepard Fairey, the artist behind the “Hope” poster Fairey made for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Jean-Michel Basquiat, who began as a graffiti artist and whose works today command huge prices, and Banksy, whose street works are carefully preserved.  These dramatic changes in the nature and … <Read More>