Court overturns BSA’s denial

Court allowed a relaxed standard of review for area variances. George Pantelidis, owner of a five-story townhouse at 116 East 73rd Street in Manhattan, after receiving a permit from Buildings, began construction of a glass-enclosed staircase that connected the second and third floor of the townhouse through the rear yard. From the start of construction, the next door neighbor vigorously opposed the glass enclosure. At Buildings, the neighbor’s objections were addressed by the Borough Commissioner … <Read More>

Good faith reliance overcomes BSA’s denial of variance

Owner built glass-enclosed stairwell after receiving approval from Buildings and Landmarks. In 1999, George Pantelidis, owner of a four-story townhouse at 116 East 73rd Street in Manhattan’s Upper East Side Historic District, obtained a Buildings permit to build a glass-enclosed stairwell in the rear yard of the townhouse. The stairwell allowed the Pantelidis family, who resided on the first two floors, to go from one floor to another without using the public stairs. Prior to … <Read More>