Landlord loses eviction action

Landlord sued to evict tenants from six-unit building in order to provide apartment for son. Shlomo Karpen owns a six-unit, rent-stabilized building in Brooklyn comprised of two rented units on the first, second and third floors. In June 2018, Karpen notified the tenants in the rented apartments that he would not renew their leases and intended to take over the apartments to make a four-bedroom apartment for his son. In October 2018, Karpen commenced an … <Read More>

City Launches Tenant Resource Portal to Help Renters Avoid Eviction

Tenants can answer questions on the portal to be directed to relevant resources. On August 10, 2020, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the launch of the NYC Tenant Resource Portal, the first City-hosted online resource designed to help residential renters access free resources that assist in stabilizing housing situations and preventing evictions.

City Ejects Houseboat from Marina

Owner lived year-round in houseboat moored in Flushing marina which offers only seasonal permits. In 1996 George Anton purchased a medium-sized, 1971-vintage motorboat. At the time, the boat lacked an engine and was docked at the World’s Fair Marina, located in Flushing Bay. Anton and his wife converted the motorboat into a houseboat and made it their permanent home.

Eviction Notice Ruled Deficient

Landlord of 2013 Amsterdam Avenue served a notice of termination on disabled tenant, after the tenant engaged in a series of housing code violations. After a series of incidents, including causing instances of flooding and refusing to allow the landlord access to effect repairs, 2013 Amsterdam Avenue Housing Association served the notice of termination on its tenant Darren King. King is a paraplegic, wheelchair-bound, double-amputee.

Renter Defeats Pet Eviction

Landlord attempted to evict tenant who owned a pitbull as an emotional support animal. On December 8, 2017, a tenant moved into a rent-controlled apartment located at 280 East Burnside Avenue in the Bronx.  The tenant signed a two-year lease which contained a conspicuous provision prohibiting pets on the premises without landlord consent.  In December 2017, in an exchange of emails the tenant notified the building’s landlord that she owned a female pitbull named “Bella,” … <Read More>