Extra Money for Concrete Denied

Contractor claimed that the City contract restricted it to purchasing concrete from a single concrete supplier. In April 2014, Perfetto Contracting Co., an electrical contractor, successfully submitted a bid to the Department of Design and Construction for a contract to work on the Broadway Junction Transit Hub Enhancement Project. The contract required specific concrete designs to be procured from a NYSDOT-approved vendor. Perfetto began work in October 2014.

Claim based on verbal request denied

Construction Company sought additional compensation related to the reconstruction of Washington Square Park. In May 2015, the Parks Department contracted with SH5 Construction Corp. to reconstruct perimeter sidewalks around Washington Square Park, Manhattan. SH5 alleged a Parks employee gave it verbal instructions to install a straight curb instead of a drop curb at the north side of the park between 5th Avenue and University Place.

Contract Clause Ruled Ambiguous

During a seven year period Contractor and School Construction Authority agreed to multiple time extensions on $32.75 million contract. In February 2001, The New York City School Construction Authority entered into a $32,750,000 contract with AMCC Corporation, a general contractor, to design and build P.S. 270, a three-story public school located at 233-15 Merrick Boulevard, Queens. Over the course of the construction, the contractor submitted proposed change orders to the Authority totaling $4,838,245.57 for the … <Read More>