Weisbrod Highlights East New York as Test for Affordable Housing

At the CityLaw Breakfast on September 5, 2014, Carl Weisbrod laid out the De Blasio Administration’s housing policy. As was widely reported, the City will look to implement mandatory inclusionary housing on all City-sponsored rezonings. One of the first tests of this new policy is the privately sponsored Astoria Cove development in Queens, where an affordable component will likely be required if approved under ULURP.

Chelsea Market Expansion Plan Runs Into Opposition and Concerns About the High Line

Borough president and local community board oppose current plan to build additions to the eastern and western sides of block-long Chelsea Market. On July 25, 2012, the City Planning Commission held a public hearing on Jamestown Properties’ expansion plan for Chelsea Market at 75 Ninth Avenue in Manhattan. The Market is a complex of 18 different buildings occupying the entire block bounded by West 14th and West 15th Streets and Ninth and Tenth Avenues … <Read More>

Amanda M. Burden Talks About the Future of the City’s Waterfront

Amanda M. Burden, Director of the Department of City Planning and Chair of the City Planning Commission, has the lead role in building a blueprint, known as Vision 2020, for managing the City’s more than 500 miles of waterfront. The new comprehensive plan will recommend long-term management strategies for the City’s waterfront and waterways, and identify high-priority initiatives that can be quickly implemented. Burden sat down with CityLand to discuss how City Planning has … <Read More>

Proposed rezoning of Brighton Beach withdrawn

Planning unable to reach a consensus among wide range of stakeholders. On June 11, 2009, the Department of City Planning withdrew its Brighton Beach rezoning proposal. The proposal covered 54 blocks, including a controversial downzoning of a small area characterized by bungalow-style homes. At the City Planning Commission’s hearing, residents and developers criticized the decision to downzone the bungalow area. 6 CityLand 74 (June 15, 2009).