Engineer overturns ban

Engineer filed falsified documents for two addresses. The Department of Buildings filed charges against engineer Leon St. Clair Nation after discovering that he submitted a false application to alter the second floor of a building that did not have a second floor, and that he also submitted plans with altered photographs for two separate properties. Buildings specifically charged St. Clair with violating the City rules by knowingly or negligently submitting false or misleading documents to … <Read More>

Designation of P.S. 64 upheld

P.S. 64’s landmark designation upheld. See story on page 175. Image: LPC

Court upheld designation even though developer had valid permit to alter facade. 9th & 10th Street LLC owned 605 East 9th Street in Manhattan, the former Public School 64. After the owner received a permit from Buildings to alter the facade, Landmarks designated the site as an individual landmark. In reaching its decision, Landmarks found that P.S. 64 was of special architectural, historical, … <Read More>

Landmarks to change designation procedure

Landmarks must promulgate rules that encourage a more timely and transparent processing of landmark nominations. Upon receiving a Request for Evaluation, or an official landmark nomination submitted by the public, Landmarks’ Request for Evaluation Committee would screen the nomination to determine if further consideration was appropriate. If further consideration was warranted, the Committee would send the nomination, a photograph, a statement of significance, and the Committee’s recommendation to each Landmarks Commissioner for comment. When all … <Read More>