Yeshiva ordered to close catering business

DOB wins appeal modifying C of O issued in error. Yeshiva Imrei Chaim Viznitz, located on 53rd Street in Boro Park, Brooklyn, operated a catering hall out of the basement of its three-story building containing its school and synagogue. The Department of Buildings applied to BSA to revoke the building’s 1999 certificate of occupancy. Buildings claimed that the certificate listed the catering use in error since the use was prohibited by the site’s residential zoning … <Read More>

BSA denied catering use in synagogue’s basement

Catering hall operated independently of synagogue use. In the 18,000- square-foot basement of its synagogue and school building, Yeshiva Imrei Chaim Viznitz operated a public catering hall. The catering hall had two lobbies, two kitchens and separate entrances to the street, and operated events seven days a week. In 2004 and 2005, the hall held over 320 events including weddings with over 500 guests.

The Department of Buildings issued an order to close down the … <Read More>