Stillwell Avenue waterfront lots for sale

EDC seeks a commercial building, parking and shuttle service to amusement area. The New York City Economic Development Corporation is seeking proposals for a developer to purchase and develop commercial space, with accessory public parking, on a 48,600-square-foot site on Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island.

The site is located three blocks north of the Stillwell Avenue subway station and immediately south of the Belt Parkway, within the Coney Island Creek Urban Renewal Area. It is zoned M1-2 for manufacturing, retail, recreational, and commercial uses. Currently, it consists of two adjacent lots, one of which is vacant, the other leased by the City for school bus parking.

In the last several years, private investment has flowed into Coney Island, most notably from retailers such as Home Depot and Staples. Public investment in the area includes the $240 million Stillwell Avenue subway station and the $35 million, 7,500-seat Keyspan Park stadium. According to EDC, the City has committed over $100 million to fund redevelopment in and around the 20-block amusement area in order to help turn it into a year round entertainment destination.

EDC encourages potential developers to submit proposals that enhance Stillwell Avenue’s role as a corridor connecting Coney Island with the rest of the City. Further, any sale of the site will be contingent upon EDC’s approval of the parking lot uses, including a possible shuttle service that would provide transportation to and from the nearby amusement area. EDC also notes that environmental mitigation measures may be necessary, as the site has a history of contamination, including a petroleum spill.

EDC set a June 20, 2008 deadline for all responses.

EDC: Request for Proposals – Coney Island Stillwell Avenue (Apr. 4, 2008).

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