SoHo ad must come down

Vinyl wall advertisement installed without approval. In response to a June 2, 2004 warning letter, the owner of 600 Broadway, an 1883 loft building located in the SoHo-Cast Iron Historic District, sought to legalize the installation of a Steve Madden vinyl wall advertisement installed on the buildings’ north wall without Landmarks’ approval. Landmarks issued permits to 600 Broadway in the past for wall advertisements including a 47’ x 55’ sign at the east end of the north wall.

Landmarks denied the permit, finding the sign was not in keeping with other wall signs in the district. Noting the size and color palette, it found that the advertisement would overwhelm the scale of the building and the streetscape. Landmarks felt that the juxtaposition of the new sign with the previously approved DKNY painted wall sign, still in place, would detract from the historic district.

LPC: 600 Broadway (Permit Denial No. 05- 3749) (November 23, 2004). CITYADMIN

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