DOT Announces Expansion of On-Street Carshare Program Following Successful Pilot

On February 7, 2023, the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) announced an expansion of a citywide curbside carshare program following a successful five-year pilot program. Carsharing allows participating members to access a vehicle for short-term use by hour or day whose cost includes maintenance. The cars are parked in publicly accessible locations to allow users to reserve vehicles, walk up to the reserved vehicle and use it, and then return it to the <Read More>

Dept. of Finance Announces Notice of Property Value Sessions for Each Borough

The first session is tonight in Brooklyn, with additional sessions to follow. On February 3, 2023, the NYC Department of Finance announced a citywide series of Notice of Property Value (NOPV) information sessions. Property owners received a Notice of Property Value from Finance in January. The Notice of Property Value provides information about market and assessed value and other relevant information so that owners can review the information ahead of the finalization of the assessment <Read More>

Dept. of City Planning Releases New FRESH Program Report

On February 1, 2023, the Department of City Planning updated the progress of the Food Retail Expansion to Support Health program with a new report, “FRESH By the Numbers.”. The Food Retail Expansion to Support Health (“FRESH”) program gives property owners the ability to construct slightly larger buildings in certain districts if the building includes a FRESH supermarket. The program targets neighborhoods that often lack access to fresh produce and other groceries, which <Read More>

City Announces Roadmap for Citywide Composting Program

The program expands on a Queens pilot program that diverted 12.7 million pounds of compostable material from landfills. On February 1, 2023, Mayor Eric Adams and Department of Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch* revealed a new roadmap for the creation and implementation of a citywide composting program. The program will be the nation’s largest and will roll out over the next 20 months. 

City Expands Cloudburst Resiliency Program to Four New Neighborhoods to Prevent Stormwater Flooding

Storm events like 2021’s Hurricane Ida highlight the importance of implementing stormwater mitigation measures in flooding-prone areas. On January 9, 2023, Mayor Eric Adams announced the expansion of the Cloudburst Program, a program to construct clustered stormwater management projects in flood-prone communities. The program will expand to Corona and Kissena Park in Queens, Parkchester in the Bronx, and East New York, Brooklyn. Through the program, work has already started in South Jamaica and St. Albans <Read More>