Land Use Committee Approved Commercial Development to replace SoHo BP Gas Station [UPDATE: Full City Council Voted Unanimously to Approve]

New Land Use Committee unanimously approved a pre-considered application in its first meeting of the year. On January 30, 2014, the City Council Land Use Committee swiftly voted 20-0 to approve the development of a new seven-story commercial building in a lot currently occupied by a BP gas station in SoHo, Manhattan. The applicants, Paco Lafayette LLC, applied for a zoning text amendment and special permits to construct a new seven-story commercial building at 300 … <Read More>

Outdoor advertising regulations upheld

New City regulations would substantially limit billboards near highways. Clear Channel, the owner of large billboards located near arterial highways, and Metro Fuel LLC, the owner of smaller illuminated advertising signs on building fronts and poles close to the street, sued the City, challenging its outdoor advertising restrictions. The companies claimed that the restrictions limiting the location and illumination of commercial billboards and smaller signs, as well as the strict permitting and registration procedures for … <Read More>

Art Wall to Return to Broadway/Houston Building

Compromise calls for SoHo art to coexist with advertising.

On April 24, 2007, Landmarks approved a plan that will allow The Wall, a sculpture by Forrest Myers, to be re-affixed to the Houston Street exterior of the building at 599 Broadway. The location will be 18 feet, four inches above the place that it occupied from 1973 until 2002. Separated by a 15-foot “buffer zone,” as the building’s owner described it, four … <Read More>

Billboard owners take dispute to BSA

Companies fought over whose signs were grandfathered. BSA denied Lamar Outdoor Advertising’s appeal of Buildings’ decision to revoke permits for two back-to-back billboards at 50 South Bridge Street in Charleston, Staten Island.

The City’s zoning code prohibits advertising signs within 200 feet of an arterial highway unless it is on a highway that crosses New York City limits within a one-half-mile distance from the sign. The code also prohibits a sign within 500 feet of … <Read More>

Retail permit at Broadway/ Houston upheld

Planning Commission upheld on finding of commercial non-viability. Broadway Houston Mack Development LLC proposed a seven-story development at at the corner of 610 Broadway East Houston, replacing an existing car-wash, 150-space parking garage, and a gas station. Mack would also dismantle a grandfathered 2,800 sq.ft. free-standing billboard and replace it with three smaller billboards that individually and collectively would conform in size and location with the current signage law.

The seven-story development was permitted as-of-right; … <Read More>