Rooftop penthouse approved

Removal of water tower does not alter the historic character of Fifth Avenue building. Landmarks approved an application by Savanna Partners for removal of a water tower and rooftop mechanical equipment at 141 Fifth Avenue in the Ladies’ Mile Historic District, Manhattan, in order to allow construction of a new penthouse addition. The approval also permits Savanna to install a new curved storefront, replicate historic columns, and partially remove the rear facade, expanding the building by twelve feet.

removal of the water tower from the turn-of-the-century Beaux-Arts loft would not damage its architectural significance because the new penthouse would retain the historic elements of the district’s skyline. The storefront renovations would restore the building closer to its original appearance and the rear facade work would not eliminate any significant features since the changes would be barely perceptible from surrounding streets.

LPC: 141 Fifth Avenue (COFA# 06-5964) (June 5, 2006) (John Cetra, Architect). CITYADMIN

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