Queens neighborhood down-zoned

Approval marks the fourth Queens down-zoning in 2005. The City Council voted unanimously to down-zone 40 blocks of Kissena Park, making it the fourth neighborhood in Queens to be rezoned by the Council in 2005.

The Kissena Park down-zoning responded to residents’ concerns over the demolition of structurally sound single-family homes and the construction of out-of-character developments in their neighborhood. As-of-right development within the 40 blocks will now be restricted to one or two-family homes.

The Kissena Park action follows the Council’s down-zoning of Bayside, Springfield Gardens and Kew Gardens/Richmond Hill. Taken together, the Council has down-zoned 498 blocks of Queens in the first five months of 2005.

For the Planning Commission’s consideration and the full ULURP process, see 2 CityLand 55 (May 15, 2005).

Council: Kissena Park Rezoning (May 11, 2005). CITYADMIN

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