Queens house designated despite severe alteration

Landmarks re-designates home struck from district by court order. Following a lengthy public hearing, Landmarks voted unanimously on April 3, 2007 to re-include the single- family home at 41-45 240th Street back into the Douglaston Hill Historic District.

Landmarks originally included the home within a December 2004 designation, but a court struck down the home’s inclusion, ordering Landmarks to hold a second hearing focused on the owners’ claim that the home dated to 1920 rather than the 1870s date in the designation report. At the courtordered Landmarks hearing, the owners, who remained opposed, explained that they significantly enlarged the home in the year that it took Landmarks to hold the hearing and it no longer merited designation. 4 CityLand 43 (April 15, 2007).

LPC: 41-45 240th Street (LP-2255) (April 3, 2007).

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