Project Greenhope gets green light

UDAAP approved for transitional housing facility for formerly incarcerated women. On April 12, 2005, the City Council approved Project Greenhope’s proposal to construct a new seven-story, 49- unit transitional housing facility at 435 East 119th Street in East Harlem. Project Greenhope provides transitional housing and support services, including vocational, clinical and educational programs to formerly incarcerated women, as well as housing in-lieu of incarceration at its existing facility on East 119th Street.

The new 35,355-square-foot facility will accommodate 70 women and 28 children of single mothers. The project required the Council to approve disposition of the site to Project Greenhope, the UDAAP designation and a special permit allowing the new facility to exceed the permitted floor area. The City Council unanimously approved with Council Member Larry B. Seabrook excused from the vote.

For the Planning Commission’s consideration and the full ULURP process, see 2 CityLand 38 (April 15, 2005).

Council: Project Greenhope (April 12, 2005); CPC: Project Greenhope (C 050072 HAM – UDAAP/disposition of city-owned property); (C 050073 ZSM – special permit to apply community facility FAR) (March 2, 2005) (Hamlet E. Wallace Architects). CITYADMIN

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