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Print this issue of CityLand on your color printer and you will be able to enjoy the June issue of CityLand just as you have enjoyed the monthly printed CityLand issues over the past eight years. The pdf issue contains the articles and images uploaded in May, as well as the familiar charts from CityLand that comprehensively recount the prior month’s land use activity.

The new web format enabled CityLand to be far more current and informative by taking advantage of the Internet’s abundance of linkable maps, photos, decisions and reports. CityLand can be read on computers or mobile devices anywhere. But there are real advantages to a hard copy newsletter. We did not want to give up the readability and  portability of the traditional newsletter format. Each month, the Center for New York City Law will design and put up on the Website a monthly issue of CityLand that incorporates the prior month’s reports, commentaries, profiles and charts. This is an extra design cost, but well worth it to be able to read the hard copy in a pleasing and well-designed newsletter format.

The Center for New York City Law uploads new articles weekly to We hope that you routinely view those articles. If you would like to receive a free email alert when we upload new articles, please sign up for free alerts in the box on the lower right-hand corner of the home page. There is no cost to receive the alerts.

Each month we also post on the Website a fully designed monthly issue like this one.  Sign up for alerts so that you will know when the monthly pdf is posted.

We rejoice in the speed and resources of the Internet, but, with this traditional format, you can still have a familiar CityLand newsletter to hold in your hand. Enjoy.

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