Permit approved after compromise

Council approved application after delayed vote. Le Bilboquet Cafe, located at 25 East 63rd Street in Manhattan, sought approval of an unenclosed sidewalk cafe for four tables and eight chairs, which was heavily opposed by local residents. At the October 19, 2004 public hearing before the Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises, a large number of the community appeared in opposition and, after several hours of testimony, the Subcommittee approved. The full Land Use Committee’s vote was delayed at Council Member Eva Moskowitz’s request. Prior to the Land Use Committee’s scheduled vote on October 27, 2004, community residents and the cafe owner privately negotiated a compromise, allowing 16 chairs, but requiring their removal by 7 p.m. every evening. The Land Use Committee and the full Council approved the permit the same day, with Council Member Moskowitz abstaining from the vote.

Council Res. No. 662 (October 27, 2004) (25 E. 63rd St.: Aaron Richard Golub, for Le Bilboquet; Shelly Friedman, for Ronald Perelman). CITYADMIN

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