Parking variance approved

Lapsed 1980 variance re-instated and parking spaces increased in Upper East Side apartment. BSA renewed a lapsed variance for the owners of a 116-unit co-op at 1199 Park Avenue at the comer of East 94th Street. The original variance, which allowed the public lease of excess parking spaces not utilized by the buildings’ tenants, lapsed in 1980.

The applicants stated that, in 1980 at the time of the variance’s expiration, 1199 Park Avenue was being converted to a co-op and the required renewal was not conveyed to the new owners. In 1993, a certificate of occupancy was issued permitting only 59 spaces. When a new parking operator, Majestic Car Park, LLC, took over the garage, it noticed a discrepancy and argued that the square footage of the garage permitted 74 spaces.

BSA agreed and re-instated the variance at 74 spaces for a 10-year tenn. Community Board 8 supported the application.

BSA Cal. No. 40-63-BZ (October 19, 2004) (1199 Park Avenue, MN: Francis R. Angelino, Esq., for Park Hill Tenants Corp.) . CiTYADMIN

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