Parking lot rules for SI malls sent to Council

Subcommittee asks Planning to consider a Citywide proposal in future. On June 4, 2009, the City Council’s Land Use Committee recommended approval of the Department of City Planning’s Cross Access Connection proposal. The plan, which affects all C4-1, C8, and M districts in Staten Island, calls for the creation of cross access connections (driveways) between parking lots adjacent to malls or community facility developments. The proposal is designed to allow cars to go to several stores or malls without returning to the public street. It will, as a result, reduce traffic on congested arterial streets and create a safer pedestrian environment.

Planning and the Mayor’s Staten Island Transportation Task Force devised the plan as part of a comprehensive effort to improve traffic conditions in the borough. As originally proposed, the plan required owners of new developments or enlargements to record an easement and build their half of a cross access connection when 70 percent or more of total floor area was devoted to commercial or community facility use and the development included at least 18 accessory parking spaces or 6,000 sq.ft. or more of parking space.

During its review period, the City Planning Commission generally supported the plan, but made three modifications. First, the Commission changed the applicability threshold to at least 36 accessory parking spaces or 12,000 sq.ft. or more of parking area. Second, the Commission modified the text to require that the first developer record easements at the end of all parking lot traffic lanes so that an adjoining lot owner, who later became subject to the regulations, could choose which cross access connection to develop. Finally, it changed the plan to allow owners of adjacent lots, not subject to the proposed regulations, to establish cross access connections as well.

At the Subcommittee’s public hearing, Chair Tony Avella said that he supported the proposal, but questioned why Planning only created a plan for Staten Island, and suggested that a similar proposal be considered Citywide. The Subcommittee approved the amendment, and the Committee followed suit. The full Council is scheduled to vote on June 10th.

Review Process
Lead Agency: CPC,Neg.Dec.
Comm.Bd.: SI 1-3,App’d,votes not available
Boro.Pres.: App’d
SI Boro. Bd.: App’d
CPC: App’d, 12-0-0
Council: Pending

Council: Cross Access Text Amendment (N 090185 ZRR – text amend.) (June 4, 2009).

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