Park Slope may get BID

Plan encompasses over 900 businesses. On January 9, 2008, the Planning Commission approved an application by the Department of Small Business Services to create the Park Slope Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District. The BID would represent 605 properties and 515 property owners, including 106 residential properties.

The BID would allow an annual assessment on businesses and residents to enhance sanitation, security and marketing. The $300,000 firstyear budget would come from assessments on commercial properties, with an average charge estimated to be $643. Contiguous properties without Fifth Avenue frontage and under single ownership would be assessed $100 per lot. Parking facilities would be assessed a flat fee of $150, while residential and vacant properties would pay an annual $1 assessment. Under the proposal, government and not-for-profits would be exempt.

With no opposition to the BID, the Commission approved the application without modification.

Review Process
Lead Agency: DSBS,Neg.Dec.
Comm. Bd.: BK 6, App’d, 30-0-2; BK 7,
App’d, 35-0-0
CPC: App’d, 10-0-2
Council: pending
Mayor: pending

CPC: Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID (N 080 120 BDK) (Jan. 9, 2008). CITYADMIN

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