Owner withdraws application to legalize lofts

Owner converted manufacturing building into residential units. La Perst LLC, owner of a four-story building located at 260 Moore Street in an M1-2 manufacturing district of East Williamsburg, sought to legalize forty residential units in a previously vacant building that had been used for commercial and manufacturing purposes. The owner converted the building into residential units in 2003 contrary to the permissible manufacturing use under the zoning text.

In its application to BSA, La Perst represented that conversion was needed to create productive use of the premises because the building does not have the infrastructure or technology for any asof- right manufacturing facility. The building’s rental value had been greatly diminished, La Perst argued, because the building had been vandalized and occupied by squatters for the six years prior to its conversion into residential units.

Several Williamsburg residents opposed the legalization, arguing that there was no strong evidence of hardship and the owner should not be rewarded for its wanton violation of the zoning laws.

BSA held a hearing on the application on February 15, 2005. Community Board 1 opposed the variance. La Perst subsequently withdrew the application on May 10, 2005.

BSA: 260 Moore Street (230-04-BZ) (Sheldon Lobel, P.C., for La Perst). CITYADMIN

CITYLAND Comment: The site at 260 Moore Street is outside of the area rezoned on May 11, 2005 under the large-scale Greenpoint– Williamsburg rezoning.

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