Office of Environmental Remediation Announces Updated Mapping Tool

Image Credit: NYC Office of Environmental Remediation

The updated SPEED tool will give community a better understanding of development and environmental measures taken in their neighborhood. On April 23, 2020, The Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation released an update to its SPEED environmental mapping tool. The SPEED 2.0 environmental mapping tool allows New York City property owners, developers and community members to create maps of environmental information at a city, borough, neighborhood or site level. All of SPEED’s data is regularly updated to provide an accurate snapshot for each user. For access to SPEED click here. For help navigating the SPEED tool, click here.

SPEED users have the ability to view development projects in city, state and federal land cleanup programs, properties with E-Designations and Environmental Restrictive Declarations, technical documents, open and closed petroleum spills, bulk storage sites, solid waste facilities and New York State Environmental Zones. Additional interactive map features include rezoned areas, vacant lots, floodplain and wetland boundaries, sensitive receptors, political and community districts and industrial business zones.

The Mayor’s Office of Environmental Regulation is a regulatory office that promotes cleanup and redevelopment of vacant and contaminated land in New York City. Their office manages a city-wide land cleanup program that protects public health, spurs economic development, and promotes growth and vitality in communities across the city. In addition, the Office of Environmental Remediation ensures compliance with state environmental standards before new buildings are erected on rezoned land and also promotes the recycling and reuse of clean, native soil within the city.

In addition to this coverage, CityLand will continue our normal COVID-19 coverage. For New York City Agency-specific COVID-19 updates, the City established an information site with updates from all major administrative agencies. Agencies include the Department of Buildings, City Planning, Citywide Administrative Services, the Department of Finance and the Department of Transportation among others. You can view that page here.


By: Jason Rogovich (Jason Rogovich is the CityLaw Fellow and New York Law School Graduate, Class of 2019.)



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