NYCHA Announces Completion of Over $24 Million in Security and Safety Upgrades

Image Credit: NYCHA.

On November 27, 2023, the New York City Housing Authority announced that over $24 million in safety and security upgrades had been completed at 23 campuses citywide. The developments that received upgrades included: Bailey Avenue-West 193rd Street, Marble Hill, Melrose, Mill Brook, Monroe, and Sedgwick in the Bronx; Farragut, Hughes, Kingsborough, and Pink in Brooklyn; Dyckman, Elliott, Fulton, Grant, King Towers, LaGuardia, LaGuardia Addition, and Rangel in Manhattan; Pomonok in Queens, and Berry in Staten Island. The projects were funded through several former and current City Council Members, and federal, state and city funding. 

The security upgrades included new CCTV cameras, entrance renovations, lighting improvements, layered access control installations, new intercoms, and steel-reinforced aluminum doors and storefronts. The CCTV camera installations included LED lighting and a fiber-optic framework to support smart technology. The cameras will enable remote access and notify NYCHA when units are malfunctioning. Layered access control manages building entry through a resident verification process. 

NYCHA also announced the completion of construction at three developments through the Entryways pilot program, a program to comprehensively renovate building entrances to improve security. These developments – 45 Allen Street, Carver Houses and Cassidy-Lafayette – had resident feedback in the design process to reimagine the building entrance points. These developments received upgraded intercom systems, and alleviated the need to prop open doors. The entranceways use standardized parts which will also expedite any repairs needed in the future. 

NYCHA CEO Lisa Bova-Hiatt stated, “The Authority has made significant improvements to the security infrastructure of NYCHA developments. These investments in cameras, doors, lighting, and other areas were made possible through support across all levels of government and we would like to thank the legislators and agencies who marshalled the resources needed to help keep our residents safe. We will continue to prioritize those quality-of-life upgrades that strengthen NYCHA buildings.”

Council Member Diana Ayala stated, “We applaud the collaborative effort between NYCHA, fellow elected officials, and resident leaders on the much-needed security improvements throughout 23 housing developments that will make over 46,000 NYCHA residents safer. Our efforts demonstrate the urgency of making life-saving improvements and we will work hard to ensure that further successful collaboration is achieved on expanded and improved services for NYCHA residents.”

By: Veronica Rose (Veronica is the Editor of CityLand and a New York Law School graduate, Class of 2018.)



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