New fifteen-story residential building for Ladies’Mile

Site in Ladies’ Mile Historic District currently vacant. 27 West 19th Street, LLC applied for a permit to build a 15-story stone and brick residential building on a vacant lot currently used for surface parking located at 27 West 19th Street in the Ladies’ Mile Historic District. At the April 5, 2005 public hearing, Morris Adjmi, the architect, presented a design, which had been modified slightly to address Landmarks’ concerns at the initial February 22, 2005 public meeting. The new proposal reduced the number of windows at the base and increased the size of the brick cornice. Adjmi stated that the building’s facade was aligned with the two smaller row houses on either side of the building to maintain the existing street wall. The proposed 26,500-square-foot building would include 15-30 residential units and a 1,565-square-foot retail space.

Landmarks approved the modified design, finding the building’s height and massing compatible with the character of other 20th century buildings in the district. It also noted that its facade, designed to align with adjacent buildings, would not overwhelm the street wall. Commissioner Vicki Match Suna, concerned with the building’s overall design, voted against the proposal, stating that the building’s height and narrowness were problematic. Issuance of the permit is pending approval of final plans.

LPC Item No. 9, Case No. 05-4790, 27 West 19th Street (April 5, 2005) (27 West 19th Street, LLC; Morris Adjmi, Morris Adjmi Architects).

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