New Brooklyn historic district to be considered

Landmarks takes first steps towards designation of historic district in Flatbush. On September 19, 2006, Landmarks voted unanimously to hold a public hearing on the proposal to designate 250 single-family homes in Flatbush, Brooklyn as the Midwood Park – Fiske Terrace Historic District.

Fiske Terrace features single-family homes developed from 1905 to 1920 by Theodore B. Ackerson on a 30-acre, densely wooded estate purchased from George Fiske. In 1905, Ackerson cleared the land, set out streets, installed sewers and water lines, and developed over 150 single-family homes within 18 months. Ackerson built uniform three-story homes in series of ten, using stock plans, but allowed each owner to vary the exterior details.

John Corbin similarly developed the Midwood Park community, allowing home owners to choose from 30 distinct models that used the same materials and construction methods. Corbin cut all the needed beams, frames and trims at his East 56th Street factory on Jamaica Bay and shipped the materials to the construction site. Landmarks research staff noted that Corbin’s factory had the capacity to turn out 1,000 pre-fabricated homes a year.

Landmarks did not set a public hearing date.

LPC: Proposed Midwood Park – Fiske Terrace Historic District (LP-2208) (Sept. 19, 2006).

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