Long Island New York Telephone Company

101 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn. Built in 1929-30, the Art-Deco style Long Island headquarters of the New York Telephone Company served the increasing telephone needs of a burgeoning Brooklyn. Designed by the prominent New York City architect Ralph Walker, the Landmarks Preservation Commission noted that its rich orange horizontal brick patterns, intricate metal work and series of dramatic setbacks make it an exceptional example of Art-Deco application to an office skyscraper design. Chair Robert B. Tierney noted that the current owner, Verizon New York, Inc., supported the designation and the Commission commended Verizon’s upkeep. Voting to approve its Landmark designation, Commissioner Meredith Kane voiced the importance of the designation in light of the City’s plan for the “massive regrowth of Brooklyn’s downtown.”

Review of this designation is pending before the City Planning Commission and the City Council.

LPC: Long Island New York Telephone Company, Brooklyn (LP-2144) (September 21, 2004) (Architect: Ralph Walker).

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