Local Laws increase DOB’s reporting requirements

DOB will report all construction injuries and fatalities and provide the state with names of sanctioned architects and engineers. On June 12, 2008, the City Council passed two local laws increasing the Department of Buildings’ reporting requirements.

One of the new local laws, Intro 754-A, requires the Buildings Commissioner to post every incident that results in an injury or fatality on a construction site. The posting must identify the owner, general contractor, the number of persons injured, the work being performed, and whether DOB consequently issued any violations. Buildings must also provide a tally of incidents by borough that occurred during the past five years.

Also passed was Intro 511, which requires Buildings to provide the New York State Department of Education with the names of architects or engineers subjected to disciplinary hearings that result in a sanction or an adverse determination. The Council also added language, requiring Buildings to provide the names of any architect or engineer that it sanctioned since 2003.

Council: Intro 0511-2008A; Intro 0754- 2008A (June 12, 2008).

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