Local laws aim to increase construction safety

Workers must complete construction safety course; concrete safety manager must supervise large projects. On August 14, 2008, the City Council passed two local laws intended to increase construction site safety.

Intro 790-A requires that a site safety plan include a statement that all workers, within the five previous calendar years, have completed a site safety course approved by either OSHA or by the Commissioner of DOB. The new law also requires that all workers receive a site-specific safety orientation.

The Council also passed Intro 783-A, which requires concrete contractors to designate a concrete safety manager to supervise when 2,000 cubic yards or more of concrete are poured. The law allows the Commissioner of Buildings to require the presence of a concrete safety manager at smaller projects if deemed necessary. Concrete safety managers must have five years experience in concrete operations and must have completed a 30-hour course approved by the Commissioner that qualifies the individual under OSHA standards.

Council: Intro 790-2008A; Intro 783- 2008A (August 14, 2008).

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