COMPLETE VIDEO: 192nd CityLaw Breakfast featuring Dept. of Investigation Commissioner Jocelyn Strauber – 5/9 at 8:15 AM

Department of Investigation Commissioner Jocelyn E. Strauber speaks at the 192nd CityLaw Breakfast. Image Credit: CityLand.

Today, Thursday May 9, 2024, Department of Investigation Commissioner Jocelyn Strauber spoke at the 192nd CityLaw Breakfast. Commissioner Strauber spoke on “Combating Corruption.” Professor Ross Sandler, Director of the Center for New York City Law, provided opening remarks. Dean and President of New York Law School Anthony W. Crowell also provided remarks. This breakfast was sponsored by Con Edison, Verizon, and Greenburg Traurig LLP.

Commissioner Strauber spoke about her fascination with criminal law and the investigatory process. She discussed how the Department of Investigation upholds integrity, efficiency and transparency by keeping public officials accountable. Commissioner Strauber discussed several instances of investigations or times where the agency issued recommendations to various other agencies and how that advice was received. She discussed the February arrest of several dozen NYCHA employees in connection to bribery charges stemming from no-bid micro purchasing contracts. According to Commissioner Strauber, she is grateful to do this job at a time where public trust in government is low and integrity matters that much more.

To watch the video, click here or watch below.









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