Landmarks Holds Public Hearing on Proposed East 25th Street Historic District

Houses on the west side of the proposed East 25th Street Historic District. Image Credit: LPC

The proposed designation received strong support from block residents and the Community Board. On September 22, 2020, the Landmarks Preservation Commission held a public hearing on the Proposed East 25th Street Historic District. The East 25th Street Historic District consists of 56 row houses on both sides of East 25th Street between Clarendon Road and Avenue D in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The historic district consists of the houses between 314 – 378 East 25th Street.

The houses were all built between 1909 to 1912 in the Renaissance Revival style and feature limestone or brownstone fronts, ornamented entrances, rounded or angled bays and foliated keystones. For CityLand’s prior coverage of the designation process, click here

Designating this block as a historic district has been a collaborative effort between block residents with help from the Historic District Council and working with Landmarks staff.  

Carol Reneau, co-President of the 300 East 25th Street Block Association, thanked Landmarks, the Historic Districts Council and the community for their support in the efforts to designate this historic district. She also discussed how the unique style of the block and detailed craftsmanship within the home stood out to her family as they were searching for homes in the 1990s. She emphasized the importance of learning our history through our city’s buildings.

Julia Charles, the founder of the East 25th Street Historic District Initiative, stated, “it is no surprise that the homes here on this block are so carefully intact. The residents here have nurtured and cared for their homes even during the most challenging times in New York City. They are model stewards of our Flatbush community.”

Rachel Goodfriend, co-chair of the Brooklyn Community Board 17 land use committee, testified in support of the designation, stating, “The Land Use Committee applauds the 25th Street Historic District Initiative for their hard work and dedication towards preserving their significant block.” The Community Board had unanimously voted to support the creation of a historic district on this block in February 2020. 

Other speakers highlighted the greenery on the block and its diverse population, and strong community who care about the well being of the block and preserving it.

Landmarks Chair Sarah Carroll thanked the members of the community who testified and that “it’s been incredible working with the community . . . it was very moving listening to the testimony today. It’s clear how this block has a sense of place that attracted people and that the community has been incredible stewards and have a shared love of this block.”

Landmarks will hold a vote to designate at a later date.

By: Veronica Rose (Veronica is the CityLaw fellow and a New York Law School student, Class of 2018.)


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