Landmarks designates 19th century school

Designation does not include adjacent lot to accommodate trade group. Landmarks voted on November 20, 2007 to designate the former P.S. 90 building in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The Round-Arch style building dates back to 1878 and was built by John Y Culyer, chief engineer of Prospect Park and designer of the nearby Flatbush Town Hall. Landmarks first held a public hearing on the building back in 1989.

At the September 18th public hearing, representatives from the New York City Economic Development Corporation, which owns the building, testified that it intended to transfer it to the Caribbean-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Chamber testified that it planned to use the building as its headquarters, and build an exhibition space on the vacant portion of the lot, adjacent to the building. Both EDC and the Chamber expressed their concern that designation would hinder the Chamber’s expansion plans. 4 CityLand 142 (Oct. 15, 2007).

At the vote two months later, Landmarks Chair Robert B. Tierney stated that Landmarks’ interest in the building stretches back decades, and “strongly urged” designation. Chair Tierney, however, proposed that Landmarks decalendar the vacant lot so that the Chamber could develop it. Landmarks then voted unanimously to designate only the building, leaving the vacant lot free for the Chamber to develop.

LPC: Former Public School 90, 2274 Church Avenue, Brooklyn (LP-2285) (Nov. 20, 2007).

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